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Isaac Mizrahi offers a fun and professional take on the fall foldover purse trend.

For fall fashion, which trend do you love most? Miniature designer, foldover, redesigned duffle, trapezoid tote, or mini messenger?

I’m a huge fan of structured bags in general, so I’m loving the trapezoid tote option and some of the foldovers!

Maybe it’s because of Rachel Green’s pivotal moment of independence in the pilot episode of Friends, but I’ve always had a special place of shoe love for Joan & David. However, their demographic leanings have sometimes been a little…older. That’s why I’m so excited to see their new collections leaning toward the fun AND fashionable. Their pumps at Nordstrom are such fashionable options! Loving the new styles.

There is a lot of random light in this photo, but I turned up the contrast to show you the awesome detail on these Donald J. Pliner beauties. Perfect fall flats.

Sometimes you want all the sexy and trendy details in a very wearable shoe. Too much on a flat can be overwhelming and I think Pliner did a fabulous job of balancing fun, fashion, and fit to make this a great but not overly trendy option for my closet.

I’ve been explaining the shootie concept & Nordstrom comes to the rescue with a photographic fall perfect explanation! What do you think?!

I was BORN for fall fashion… I need to live somewhere where it is always fall, but sunny!



Agnes Nabuurs is definitely a model to watch, and this T by Alexander Wang looks like the perfect casual basic.