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Well written and intensely quotable. Thank you Jenna Sauer!! Some gems in case you don’t have time:
- “That is exactly what it’s like to report on fashion: first, you try to do your job. And then you get an angry email from someone who doesn’t even know how to spell ‘fair.’” Jenna Sauer herself
- “the man has taste. I would love to be able to watch his evolution at this house. Judging by his apparent fear of any kind of objective criticism, however, I fear I won’t be allowed back.” Lisa Armstrong of Telegraph
some fashion brands seem to have particularly unrealistic expectations of the press — and, judging by their behavior and that of their P.R. teams, some serious misunderstandings about the press’s very role in a free society. (Hint: it’s not to write nice things about your company simply because you extended us the great privilege and favor that is a seat at your show.) J.Sauer
- “What designer, artist, director, or musician who is confident in his or her gifts fears an honest, informed critic, or a reporter armed only with questions?” J.Sauer
- “You’re Hedi Slimane. All the things you seem to love and value — music, fun, sexiness — require freedom. You have yours. I have mine. Without it, we are nothing. So please, don’t ban me from your next show, because I really want to see it. We all do. We like you, even though you treat us like a bitch.” Times of London’s Laura Craik

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