Nadia Facts

Knowing how Nadia thinks is very important to being able to skilfully pick non-nasal winners. Here are some random facts to help you:

Nadia was born on 12/12/82 in the Soviet Union. She hates communists, and loves the United States. Despite that, her favorite color is red. The majority of her wardrobe is red.

She has a Masters in Fine Art, and is highly knowledgable in Russian art history. She is in the opposition in Russia, but thinks Pussy Riot and most anti-Putin people are idiots.

She is ethnically Tatar, but is agnostic. She emigrated to the US in 2011, and calls Russia a shithole. Her first day in the US was spent at the San Diego Pride Parade, the first time US soldiers could openly marched as gay. She supports all civil rights and freedom of speech. She made her first roulette bet on 12/12/12 at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas for $12 on number $12, with an additional $12 surrounding 12 at 5:12 pm. It came 12. 

She supports building a wall and deporting unskilled immigrants, even legal ones, from the US. She became a citizen in 2014 and voted in the 2016 election for Donald Trump after many visits to Mexico while living in San Diego.

She worked on the Remain campaign even though she strongly supports Brexit. She frequently works for far-left causes since right wing organizations tend not to spend money on artists. She thinks the American left is delusional.

She gets Russian bride spam in her name. Her favorite singer is Freddy Mercury. Her favorite musical is The Book of Mormon. She refuses to ever see Hamilton. Her favorite writer is Nabokov. 

She likes cats. She can't decide if Carrot Top or Amy Schumer is her least favorite comedian. She edits Wikipedia. She only trolls on social media.

None of these answers are answers to her security questions.