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What We Do

What Does Nadia Think?™ was made to challenge people's perceptions in a familiar multiple choice quiz format. You can't simply search for the answers, you have to understand the mind of the person giving them. This is much more useful socially than just being a boffin who can spout off random facts they memorized.

Not every single idea or service should be put on a blockchain. With the power of the Ethereum EVM, the game is able to harness and highlight the strength of smart contracts. Real time games don't mesh well with the asynchronous nature of blockchain technologies. What Does Nadia Think?™ takes advantage of decentralization to split proceeds without a broker, intermediary, or house getting involved in payments. Due to the politically incorrect nature of the content, this is a big deal. There is no possibility for a payments provider to block, steal, or delay payments because they disagree with the content being delivered. The game seeks to highlight freedom of speech.

Who We Are

This site was developed and is administered by Nadia's husband, Woody. (<---That's Me) All answers are able to be kept secure through this arrangement. All artwork is the exclusive copyright of Nadia. She does all of the illustration.