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My most amazing friend Camilla started the site I Define My Beauty. It’s so awesome and a perfect daily read, whether you’re into fitness, health, sports or just enjoy being inspired to think differently about how you define yourself and YOUR personal definition of “beauty” - and to free yourself from definitions and perceptions that might be limiting your ability to be the awesomest.

She’s also founding Bring Your Daughters to Workout day coming up this January, to inspire a passion for strength and boundless physical (un)limitations early on!

To read her inspiring story behind the blog, watch her Ted talk here!

If you have a point of view to share on the site, the day, the talk etc., feel free to comment here or on her site.



Someone told me today that I looked “autumnal.” Best pre-fall compliment ever!


give me one good reason why i shouldn’t purchase this 'catch a falling star' ear cuff from efva attling because i can’t think of anything. it is too good. TOO GOOD. sorry, wallet.

I had to get this because of Sara, because she finds too many good things. Sorry wallet.


And some bomb lipstick.


#saysthewomanwithabeautysquad #monday #realtalk

important things that need to be said

I am in love with the dress on the end there!

I am in love with the dress on the end there!

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black x white

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